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Over the past 4 years, Friction Collective filmmaker Jack Davies and friends have ventured out on their bikes to cross new countries, learn new customs, eat weird things and create some light hearted but beautiful films from their adventures. In Velo Vietnam four friends Tim Lages, Tom Gurney, Sam Blanchard and Jack Davies, cycle 650 miles down the coast of Vietnam. It documents the highs and the sweaty, sweaty lows of a whirlwind bike packing adventure in one of the most incredible countries on this planet. Velo Malaysia is about three friends riding 1,000 miles through the searing heat of the country, discovering colossal mountains, deep impenetrable rainforest, pristine coastlines and some of the kindest people to grace this planet. Well 2020, as for everyone, was a little different and they had stay close to home. Velo Wales is a 450 mile trip around Wales and while it may not have been as exotic as previous endeavours, it was just as challenging.