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Embark on a journey from towering peaks to ocean depths, lush jungles to arid deserts — Adventure Sports TV explores Earth’s vast playgrounds for thrill-seekers and curious minds.

Our channel is the ultimate destination for outdoor sports, adventure travel, and active living. Immerse yourself in captivating human stories set against breathtaking landscapes, offering not just extreme action but also profound insights.

Join us in celebrating a vibrant and healthy lifestyle, delving into socially impactful themes like environmental conservation, female empowerment, and mental wellbeing. Adventure Sports TV: Where Action Meets Meaningful Discovery!

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Regularly refreshed programming is selected from our extensive catalogue of over 2000 hours of Award winning 4K & HD content sourced from the best International Festivals.

All our content is also available for On-Demand offerings with subtitles in any language.

Adventure Sports TV is currently available worldwide in 4 localised feeds in English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Adventure Sports TV speaks to a broad audience thanks to the universal and aspirational values of sport and nature.

Seasonal programming

Dive into Thrills and Chills with Adventure Sports TV‘s Seasonal programming! Whether it’s scaling icy peaks, riding epic waves, or conquering untamed trails, our curated seasonal schedule promises an adrenaline-packed journey.

Unleash the adventurer in you with captivating stories, extreme challenges, and breathtaking landscapes. From winter wonders to summer sizzlers, we’ve got the pulsepounding content to keep your audience on the edge of their seats.

Join us on an exhilarating ride through the seasons, where every episode is a new adventure waiting to be explored!

seasonal programming
weekly schedule
adventure sports tv

Weekly Schedule

Modular 8-hour programming blocks interchange in order to keep the themes and titles fresh. Highlight programming is added at key times on order to link from on and off-platform promotional campaigns. Here are some examples of recent seasonal thematic blocs on the channel:

  • Mountain Madness (Monday):
    Thrilling films on mountain climbing, alpinism, and extreme high-altitude adventures.
  • Water World (Tuesday):
    Dive into water sports with content on surfing, sailing, kayaking, and underwater exploration.
  • Trailblazers (Wednesday):
    Explore trail running, hiking, and trekking through documentaries showcasing global trailblazers.
  • Vertical Ventures (Thursday):
    Ascend to new heights with programming focused on rock climbing, bouldering, and base jumping.
  • Environmental Warriors (Friday):
    Fridays feature documentaries highlighting environmental conservation within the adventure sports community.
  • Athlete Spotlights (Saturday):
    Personal interviews and profiles of acclaimed athletes, sharing their journeys and achievements.
  • Nature Lovers(Sunday Morning):
    Delve into the wonders of nature with serene content celebrating the beauty of the great outdoors.
  • Winter Wonderland (Sunday Afternoon)::
    Conclude the week with chilly adventures, exploring winter sports and frosty escapades.