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Yan Viallet is a 20 year old freeride skier who loves competition, skiing and the mountains. Today, Yan is participating in the Freeride Qualifiers to enter the Freeride World Tour. On September 3rd 2021, his former Alpine ski coach Nicolas Trappier passed away. This was a huge shock to Yan who decides to go back to the basics of skiing, Alpine skiing, in order to overcome this difficult moment. It’s no surprise that he choses to do this with Fabien Rigole, a person who taught him a lot in this discipline. He continues to discover Steep skiing with his father Stéphane Viallet and Vivian Bruchez, two people who deeply inspire him. This will allow him to flourish in his favorite discipline: Freeride skiing. It’s this variety of ski disciplines that Yan presents in Variety. Official Selection iF3 2022.