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Through the eyes of two female surfers, Undercurrents explores the beautiful dance between connection and compassion, and its link to our mental wellness and everyday life. The film asks what is the shared motivation that makes us go back to the ocean, time and time again, irrespective of cold waves, repeated wipe outs, injuries and often relentlessly slow progress and little reward. Arlene Maltman is one of first British & European female surfing champions. Natalie Fox is a Yogi, Surf instructor and marine activist. Throughout the film, they share their experiences and relationship with the sea. Neuroscientist & Mindfulness innovator Dr Tamara Russell & Blue Health Coach / Blue Mind Advocate, Lizzi Larbalestier provide; expertise on how our minds and bodies are connected to the ocean and, how this can have a benefit to our health and well being. New Talent Award – Adventure Uncovered Film Festival 2020. Best Adventure Film – Shexreme Film Festival 2019.