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Tic Tac Base is a film about several of the most extreme outdoor disciplines: Base Jump, Highline and Paragliding. Following in the footsteps of the mythical Flying Frenchies and their movie I Believe I Can Fly, Antony Newton and Pablo Signoret decide to revive a rare discipline: Baseline. The documentary traces the story of 2 friends and former Highline World Champions who started Base Jumping only 2 years ago, from their Highline exploits to their new interest. Alpes Ishere Prize – Icare du Cinema 2022. Official Selections 2021: Explos Film Festival, Torello Mountain Film Festival, Cinémathèque de Montagne, BBK Mendi Film Festival, What a Trip Festival, Kathmandu International Film Festival, Ulju Mountain Film Festival, Festival du film d’Aventure des Angles, Natural Games, 360 Degré d’Aventure.