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There from Here tells a story of gratitude, a connection to the land, and an admiration for the overlooked wild places in the rolling green hills of Vermont. The film follows a group of bikepackers along the Vermont Super 8, a 640 mile route reaching to all four borders of the state touching as little pavement as possible. Bikepacking as a sport combines the intensity of endurance racing, the freedom and improvisation of cycle touring, and the often comical dirtbag counter culture of those who choose to spend their free time sleeping in the wild. The event is both a race, attracting serious competitors in this new discipline, and an experience, for those seeking a personal challenge at their own pace, or a good excuse to reconnect with friends and nature. The film follows these journeys from the Super 8 Grand Depart mid-pandemic. It explores the persistence, perseverance, and the motivation behind the miles, and probes the connection between individual success and community support.