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The Stories We Tell Ourselves



Imagine you are alone, on North America’s Highest Peak (Denali), trying to break The Female Fastest Known Time (FKT). You must travel 38 miles on a glacier to 20,310 feet- in less than 21 hours. How would you fare in this frigid, lifeless landscape? Where would your mind go? In her pursuit for this record near the top of the world, Patricia Franco finds herself at a cross-roads: to continue in her race for greatness, or to confront the race she didn’t know she was running: the race to outrun her past. In this film, Patricia ventures deep into the unknown, physically and emotionally, to better understand her own story. Best Director – Lyons International Film Festival 2021. Finalist – The ROAM Awards 2019. Official Selection 2022: No Man’s Land Film Festival. Official Selections 2021: Kendal Mountain Film Festival, Nordic Adventure Film Festival, BKK Mendi Film Festival, BendFilm Festival, Transylvania Mountain Film Festival, Hory A Mesto, MHFF, International Mountain Film Festival Ushuaia SHH.