In October 2012, South African scuba instructor Dave Chamberlain departed Walvis Bay, Namibia on a 2700km-unsupported run. On a liquid only diet and running with a pram containing a tent and sleeping bag amongst other things. Dave entered Port Elizabeth, South Africa after 4 continuous months of running. Australian Photographer and Filmmaker Morgan Cardiff documented 4 weeks of his run, through the Southern Namibian Desert and into the Northern Cape of South Africa. Battling extreme temperatures, water scarcity and a few local wildlife encounters, the film looks at the inspiration and drivers behind such a project and takes you on a visual journey through the oldest desert on the planet. Finalist Film Festival Flix 2016. Official Selections: Trail Running Festival 2015, Chamonix Adventure Festival 2015, The Quarantine Film Festival 2015, EHO Mountain Film Festival 2014, Sheffield Adventure Film Festival 2014, Danish Adventure Film Festival 2013, Why not? Adventure Film Festival Ireland 2013 and Buxton Adventure Festival 2013.