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The Flannel Crew’s first feature-length film, The Nomad, presented by Knolly Bikes, follows the journey of 8 riders, proving you don’t have to be the best to love mountain biking. Produced by Austen Tanney, the film explores personal progression and the refusal to conform to the industry benchmarks of race results, hashtags and followers to gauge success. The mountain bike industry has been in a rut; we scroll the same Instagram and TikTok videos of regurgitated sounds, double-tapping the same hashtags and following the same exhausting and cringy trends. It is time to bring back the vibes of personal progression and creativity that our forefathers used to build this sport in the very beginning. We quickly learned that there was something extraordinary about capturing your best friends pushing their limits and sharing in those golden moments of progression and success. There was a time when you rode new features for yourself, and the thought of capturing “content” for the internet did not even exist. That is the true FREERIDE spirit and what this film encapsulates. Official Selection 2023: iF3 Mountain Bike.