The Never Melting Story

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They had never met before, but they shared the exact same dream. So the two young Frenchmen Guillaume and Manu left together for an island far from home, covered in snow, ice and white isolation: Baffin Island in Canada’s Arctic. Their ski expedition was as demanding as it was magical, after a false start that almost made the whole expedition fail from the very beginning… This film is a quest of absolute freedom, and wants to encourage other people to dream big and not to be afraid of pursuing those dreams. About the expedition: Guillaume Bertocchi and Manu d’Adhemar went in April 2015 in Baffin Island, for a ski crossing expedition in full autonomy. Starting from Qikiqtarjuaq, they reached Pangnirtung after 24 days, going along Coronation glacier, and going through the Penny Ice Cap. On their way they met the famous Mount Asgard, Mount Thor, and many granite giants.