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The Hard Way



The Hard Way is the inspirational story of Bob Hayes, an 89-year-old who runs 30 races each year, cuts his firewood by hand and does things the hard way to remain active and alive. The film follows Bob as he trains for the Bighorn 50k ultramarathon. As Bob pushes 90, the longer races take a larger toll. How will Bob’s cadence of hard work and intention help him navigate the challenges of aging? The film takes us on a journey that is about more than running, it teaches us to live life with purpose and momentum. Finalist – VIMFF 2017. Finalist – BANFF Mountain Film Festival 2017. People’s Choice Award – SHAFF 2017. Finalist – Trails in Motion International Film Festival 2017. Best International Film – Rocky Spirit Festival 2017. Best Short – Nordic Adventure Film Festival 2017. Honorable Mention – Flathead International Film Festival 2017. Best International Film – Telluride MountainFilm Festival 2017. Finalist – 5Point Film Festival 2016. Best Short – The Trail Running Film Festival 2016. Official Selection 2017: Mountainfilm, Mountain Running Film Festival.