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Strait Up: The Lost Art of the Approach. In early 2018, an unlikely team of 2 Americans and 2 Australians became the first to combine kayaking and rock climbing in a crossing of the Bass Strait. The Kent Group of islands between mainland Australia and Tasmania are comprised of beautiful, mostly unclimbed granite sea cliffs. Instead of hiring a boat to access the islands, the team decided to bring back “the lost art of the approach” and kayak there, a 325km crossing in total. While this might seem like an undertaking only considered for highly experienced explorers, the team combined their strengths to work towards this goal. Along the way they learned the importance of teamwork, which includes all of the people they sourced information and help from throughout the process. This tells the story of pushing personal limits, chasing big adventure, venturing into the unknown, and thoroughly enjoying the outdoors with good friends. Starring 4 pretty average goofballs who you’ve probably never heard of: Stan Meissner, Rachel Taylor, Jamie Trapp, and Josh Street.