Raivavae et les Perles du Pacifique



By bike and cargo, the Suchel family reveal the strong attraction of the Polynesian islands. Like Gauguin and Brel, many people came to seek a life rhythmed by waves in the shade of palm trees. Bruno, the deracinated, wants to spend his life in the Marquesas. Anne, a nurse in Ahé, balances her life by serving the population. The Chinese women who work on the Tuamotu pearl farms, came to make a fortune. As for Catherine and Bernard, they have been sailing on their boat for twelve years, living from little and focused on the essentials. Through these multiple encounters, Suchel take us to Raivavae, the forgotten pearl of the South Pacific. Here, thanks to the warm welcome of Mihi and Haipuna, two Polynesians who have become friends, they will discover the secrets of a life balanced between tradition and assimilation, in an exceptional natural setting.