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Australia is one of the most remote and barren of lands to cross on a bicycle. The challenge is one of the greatest for the hardships that any attempt pits the rider against. The mind and body are tested by the thousands of kilometres ridden, the extreme climates of heat, cold and wind, and the unpredictability that is a part of ultra-distance sport. Power of the Pedal reveals warts and all how Rupert Guinness copes with his latest big ride after setting off with his support crew from Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory on June 1, 2021 with the aim of riding 4,900km south to Hobart in Tasmania. Why? To promote mental well-being and the benefit of one-on-one communication in addressing it, and to prepare for the world’s toughest bike race, the 2022 Race Across America. You will see the set-backs, struggles and suffering; but also, the joy and satisfaction for how he adapts to change, deals with setbacks and discovers that success can come in ways never envisaged.