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Director Marc Antoine Protiere takes us on a sincere and authentic journey, introducing us to the little-known young French surfer Sacha Fellous. For the first time, we delve into the world of Sacha’s varied ocean quests and his ambitious challenge to surf Nazaré by paddling. Through the eyes of this 18-year-old novice, we discover the renowned Nazaré spot. Sacha, an all-around athlete and marine explorer, is nurtured by the exceptional setting of the Basque coast. He shares an insider’s perspective on a week of discoveries, revealing his passion and the behind-the-scenes experiences at Nazaré. With no resources but a firm determination to conquer those colossal waves, Sacha’s journey is one of sheer willpower. Perspectives offers a genuine look at Sacha’s journey and a fresh take on a famous surf spot, making his story both relatable and inspiring.