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Perfect Chapter – Looking for Perfection

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The Perfect Chapter has finally gained the international recognition that has sought so much throughout these last 7 editions. Carcavelos is at the centre of the world for its waves, people, and places as one of the best surfing destinations in Portugal. This seventh edition brings you the worst and best moments lived throughout the day of the competition, as well as a different perspective of the contest. The spontaneity, impact, and surprise factor that this day offered shows well the environment lived inside this competition. 90 days of the waiting period, 16 athletes, 1 beach, 1 winner on the best day of the year set this short film about the 7th edition of the Perfect Chapter and the full potential of Cascais to sponsor this unique event in Europe and the world. Restart Award – Terres Film Festival 2021. Best Independent Travel Video Award – Silafest 2021. Best Webdoc & 2nd Prize – Art&Tur 2021.