Ocean Driven



‘Ocean Driven’ is an inspirational thriller about a big-wave surfer and ocean pioneer from South Africa, who overcomes huge obstacles and his own fears to never lose sight of his dreams. On the rugged southern coastline of Africa where two oceans meet, among the largest ocean predators and some of the bravest watermen in the world, South African Chris Bertish discovers that he has what it takes. This true-life story chronicles the development of Bertish, determined to follow his dreams to paddle into and surf giant waves. He was at the forefront of big-wave paddle-in surfing, a pioneer of paddling into newer and larger waves than most had thought possible. From South Africa’s coast to around the world, the film tracks Bertish’s unsponsored odyssey over 15 years as he grows into a highly skilled and fearless waterman. Bertish’s single-minded pursuit of his dreams and refusal to let seemingly insurmountable obstacles stand in the way, culminates with his winning the world’s premier big-wave surfing competition at Mavericks in Half Moon Bay California in 2010. Moments after nearly drowning, Bertish takes the world by storm in the largest waves ever seen there. Themes of resilience and dedication drive the story, with gritty, authentic never-before-seen footage, legendary big wave surfers, ocean specialists, and breathtaking images. Ocean Driven is a fast-paced film that motivates viewers to overcome fear and never give up in pursuit of their dreams. It’s a universal story of growth, struggles and the unique environments that empower us. Featuring Chris Bertish, Jeff Clark, Carlos Burle, Greg Long, Kelly Slater and more. Winner Best Film – Waimea Ocean Film Festival 2016. Winner Best Feature Film & Viewer’s Choice Award – Santa Cruz Surf Film Festival and – Florida Surf Film Festival 2015. Honor Award – San Diego Surf Film Festival 2015. Winner Audience Award – Allianz Portuguese Surf Film Festival 2015. Official Selections 2017: Ombak Bali Int’l Surf Film Festival & Thunder Bay Int’l Film. Official Selection 2016: Shore Shots Irish Surf Festival. Official Selections 2015: Honolulu Surf Film Festival, La Costa Film Festival, London Surf Film Festival, San Francisco Ocean Film Festival, San Luis Obispo Int’l Film Festival & Wavescape Film Festival.