Near the Peaks / Près des Cimes



‘Near the Peaks’ – Paragliding in a french mountain sanctuary. We’ve come a long way since the first flights in France in 1978! Today Paragliding is a mature sport, governed by the French Federation of Free Flight, which includes more than 30 000 members. Filmed in parallel with the French Championships, this 26-minutes documentary gives us a comprehensive insight into Paragliding. Testimonies and amazing aerial footage at the heart of the race will make you discover all the facets of flight. Gilbert Nicolini, a pioneer in paragliding, sheds some light on the history of free flight in the Vosges and the evolution of paragliding. Philippe and Cyril Marck (Markstein School Centre) help us discover, thanks to the tandem flight, the easiest way to access the dream of Icarus. Denis Maire (Cumulus Paragliding School) reveals the fundamental role of the instructor during an introductory course. Regis Laurent, an outdoor sports enthusiast, shows us alternative activities of the mountain range at the recreation center “”Bol d’Air”". And finally Christophe Mougin (Race Director) and Laurie Genovese (French Paragliding Champion) reveal the format and intensity of a competition amidst the France Paragliding Championships. Throughout this film rich in sensations, you will fly over France ‘Near the Peaks’.