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Mum’s Gone Climbing



Nell became pregnant in her mid twenties, and took a break from climbing. Her son was born with a rare genetic syndrome, and motherhood became a series of specialist appointments, therapy sessions, and WTF moments. Five years, and another baby later, Nell stuffed her mama feet back into climbing shoes. It was a pivotal moment. Climbing seemed like a wonder drug for the challenges of motherhood, and Nell went on a mission to find other climb mama’s. What she found was a tribe of amazing women. Each with their own story, struggles, limitations, fears…. and every single one had been empowered by climbing. Join a group of mothers as they adventure through some of Australia’s most stunning natural landscapes. Infused with the light hearted stoke, dizzying heights, and childish hilarity. These adventure women explore the realities, challenges, and whys of being a mum gone climbing. Official Selection 2021: Women’s Adventure Film Tour.