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This Snowboard/Ski documentary of epic proportions follows 3 world class riders in their quest to shred a series of iconic mountains and lines in the Alps. Meet Geraldine Fasnacht: Basejumper, wingsuiter, glaciers pilot, and triple winner of the Verbier X-treme, the world’s most extreme competition. Geraldine’s list of experiences embody the spirit of thrill seeking. And now she’s leading the charge to further push limits in the world of high alpine using a plane. She invites on board, Marion Hearty: Snowboarder driven by an endless quest for discovery, dominating the competitive freeride world, fuelling a desire to become a pilot herself. And Christina Lusti: Strongwilled Canadian charger with an appetite for huge and steep lines, she’s built a highly versatile persona for herself, linking all key mountain practices to access the inaccessible. Geraldine invited us aboard her ULM (ultralight plane) to share her philosophy and fly through incredible landscapes drawing lines with her snowboard in the film, Line&Air. It’s a raw take on what it means to achieve goals in uncertain terrain and follows in the footsteps of past pioneers who only dreamt of touching down on such sensitive terrain. Official Selections 2022: Kendal Mountain Film Festival, iF3 Chamonix Festival.