La Balade d'Igor 1920 x 1080

La Balade d’Igor



Join Igor Biétry as he explores Loire-Atlantique and Vendée, uncovering remarkable collections and their fascinating stories. Igor is a well-known journalist and host in France, especially in the world of vintage voices and related events. Accompanied by Lucille, his trusty 1929 Citroën C4 jeep, he meets passionate collectors of historic cars, motorcycles, trucks, tanks, and scooters, bringing humor and charm to each encounter. Igor’s travels also highlight the region’s beauty, showcasing enchanting villages, majestic castles, fascinating museums, and pristine white sand beaches. Spectacular aerial footage invites viewers to experience the splendor of these magnificent regions. La Balade d’Igor is a delightful journey through history, collections, and stunning landscapes.