Kald Sòl 1920 x 1080


The film sheds light on the surprising resources of cold countries, and on the search for waves guided by climatic uncertainties. Samuel Redon, a young professional surfer accustomed to warm-water surfing, is about to discover a whole new world of surfing. Amidst storms, violent winds, snow, and slippery roads, he travels across the island accompanied by the No Palm Tree Surfing Association, which guides surf enthusiasts through wild lands. Christophe and Quentin, two amateur surfers, join the adventure. Our message is that tough destinations are not reserved solely for professional surfers. Official Selections 2024: Surf & Skate Culture Festival, London Surf Film Festival. Official Selections 2023: Surf Film festival Anglet, SAL, Xplore Alpes Festival, High Five Festival, Bilbao Surf Film Festival.