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Jel Tegermen, which means “The Windmill” because of the strong winds, is a mountain located in the central part of the Tien Shan mountain range in Kyrgyzstan. A peak very aesthetic and visually similar to the Matterhorn. This is a story about research, adventure and real exploration of a “nowhere” that probably has never seen humans before. An expedition divided into failed attempts, resignation, forced coexistence, enthusiasm, determination and fatigue. With all-round reflections on the courage of adventure of these young men who are finding themselves on terrains where skis, crampons, ice axes, ropes and nails are not needed but equally a good dose of curiosity and courage. In the absence of any certainty of success, three alpinists decide to focus on what is usually part of success; curiosity, camaraderie, fatalism, idealism. When success comes at the last minute however, it is no longer the most important thing.