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In Alex’s Footsteps / Sur les Pas d’Alex



Storm Alex hit the Alpes-Maritimes with extreme violence on October 2nd 2020 causing significant human loss and immense material damage. Delphine and Christophe Tieran were directly impacted like many residents of the Vésubie, Roya and Tinée valleys. Their daily life turned upside down and without the possibility to work they have shown remarkable resilience. During many months Christophe will share his know-how and masonry equipment to open up and reconstruct the hilltop villages in the Vésubie valley. A year later, this elite ultra-trail runner sets off on an athletic event to mark the anniversary of the disaster. He will run, cycle and paraglide a 200 km loop linking the three disaster-stricken valleys. Along the way Christophe will meet the locals, listen to their testimonies and document the reconstruction in the valleys which are gradually recovering. Official Selection 2022: Festival Images et Montagnes.