I Stay Home / Io Resto a Casa



The term “quarantine” comes from the 40 days of isolation to which ships returning from areas affected by the plague in the 14th century were subjected. On 30 January 2020, the WHO recommended 14 days of quarantine were necessary to contain the spread of the new Coronavirus. On the morning of 10 March 2020 all Italians woke up in quarantine. In “I stay home”, I depict the first 14 days of the Italian lockdown without ever leaving my house. A movie made entirely on the web, through the stories of five YouTubers and dozens of videos and photographs made all over Italy and shared throughout the social network. Silvio from Palermo is preparing to graduate in Architecture and discusses his thesis online. Silvia and Robertina are in lockdown with their children and show how simple needs turn into obstacles (shopping) and duties at home become bigger and more complicated (managing and teaching children). Serena, a successful YouTuber and influencer, has to leave Milan to live in her teenager bedroom again while Katia has to take care of her husband, who is affected by Chron’s disease. Fourteen days of fears, hope, enthusiasm, boredom, normality and mundanity. Fourteen days which we will always remember.