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Fisch follows Italian climber Federica Mingolla up the famous rock climb via del Pesce, a.k.a the Fish route in English or Weg durch den Fisch in German. First ascended in 1981 up the South Face of Marmolada in the Italian Dolomites by the “Czechoslovakians” Igor Koller and 17 year old Jindrich Sustr. The climb was repeated in 1984 by Heinz Mariacher, Manolo, Luisa Lovane and Bruno Pederiva, while Mariacher and Pederiva returned in 1987 to make the first free ascent. In the years that followed the Fish route transformed into a legendary outing, making a name for itself well beyond the Dolomite massif. Until Mingolla’s ascent it had never been led by a woman.