Droga 1920 x 1080


The Krakow climbing scene has always been full of personalities from the edge of science, culture and art. For many, sport was a window to the world. The invisible force that draws you into sport is like a drug. Sometimes it doesn’t seem to make any sense, but without it everything else loses its meaning as well. Whether you represent the country internationally, climb rocks, or do it just to push your boundaries – it sets the rhythm of your life. Work and passion. Sport and art. Contradictions that make up one personality. A black and white journey into the life of a man of many talents. Grand Prix – Festival Zakopane MOC GÓR 2022. Best Polish Film & Best Climbing Film – Ladek Mountain Festival 2022. Honorable Mention – Mountainfilm Graz International Film Festival 2022. Prize – IFMF Poprad 2022. Award – Krakow Mountain Festival 2022. Official Selections 2022: Mendi Film Festival, POFF Shorts, Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival, Festival Camp4, FGF Festival of Mountain Film, 19th In the Palace International Short Film Festival, Ulju Mountain Film Festival, International Mountaineering Film Festival, Eho Mountain Film Festival, International Festival of Mountain Films Paprad, FIFMA Autrans International Mountain Film Festival, Festiwal Górski Adrenalinium. Official Selection 2021: Nordic Adventure Film Festival.