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Cyclopaths in America

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Cyclopaths in America (Les Cyclopathes en Amérique) is a heartwarming family adventure film about a family of four who embarks on a six month long bike trip – traveling from Miami to Seattle on their bicycles. The family, Gael, Maud and their two children, Neela and Celian decide to take a break from their daily routine. As they pedal through scenic landscapes, the family faces various challenges along the way – from steep hills to harsh weather conditions – but they remain determined to reach their final destination. But through it all, they learn to rely on each other and the kindness of strangers. As the family travels from the south to the north, they experience the beauty of the country, from the beaches of Florida to the stunning geysers in Yellowstone and learn the importance of slowing down and cherishing the simple moments in life. Through those new experiences, the family continues to appreciate the power of teamwork and the strength of a family bond. As they finally reach Seattle, the family realizes that this experience was not just about reaching the destination, but about the memories they made and the bonds they strengthened along the way. By the end of their journey, they have created unforgettable memories and gained a new perspective on life that they will carry with them forever. Official Selection 2023: Festival International du Voyage à Vélo de Vincennes.