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Santa Barbara triathlete Neil Myers was nearly killed in a horrific training accident on Gibraltar Road in 2018. One week after the accident, he signed up to compete in a triathlon that was a year away, with a goal of simply crossing the finish line. Four months after healing and leaving rehab, Neil began his cycling training. Only one year after the accident, he surpassed the goal he had set while he was in the hospital. He and his team won the 2019 Santa Barbara Triathlon. Best Inspirational Film – Cowpokes Int Film Festival 2021. Best First Time Filmmaker – Miami Indie Film Awards 2021. Best Feature Documentary – Hollywood Gold Awards 2021. Best Editor – Paris Film Festival 2021. Winner – Toronto Film Channels Awards 2021. Best Feature Documentary – Sweden Film Awards 2021. Best Editor, Cinematography, Original Score – MIFF 2021. Best Original Score – Naples Film Awards 2021. Official Selections 2021: Santa Barbara Int Film Festival, Chicago Indie Film Awards, Toronto Documentary Feature & Shorts Film Festival, Venice Short Films Award, Santa Monica Shorts, Documentary Film Festival, Austin International Arts Festival, Oniros Film Awards, American Golden Picture Int Film Festival, Third Action Film Festival, New York Movie Awards, Columbia Film Festival, BIFF.