Choclo Project, a documentary about conscious consumerism. We live in a fast world where consumption is at an all time high. This doesn’t meant however that we can’t consume without thought and even use it as a tool to reach out and help others. This documentary follows a brand called ‘Choclo Project’ and colorfully reveals how they help abandoned and ex-street kids in Peru through the sale of their products. The past winter the Choclo Project team spent 2 months in Peru getting inspired not only by the children, but also by the rich textile tradition, the colourful culture, the vibrant markets and the diverse landscape and imagery of Peru. Teaming up with a local shaper they decorate a surfboard that will not only inspire the collection but also take them on a stunning journey to some of Peru’s best waves and most unusual locations. Professional surfer and Choclo Mentor Georgia Fish joins them for the ride and also shares her knowledge of nutrition with the mothers of the children. This is a heart warming story of how a guy with a passion and a pencil uses business to help the kids that touch him on his adventures.