Beyond the Green Veil 1920 x 1080


Beyond the Green Veil sets to explore the juxtaposition between backcountry recreation and the access the logging industry provides. Most outdoor enthusiasts are also environmentalists, caring deeply for the natural world and the locations. However, access to these spots is dictated by a necessary but destructive logging industry. Michael Darling, a professional surfer, explores this idea, linking up with professional backcountry skier, Chris Rubens, and snowboarder, Timmy Taussig. They understand each other’s worlds by means of an eight-day camping and touring trip in the Selkirk mountains and a surf trip to the west coast of Vancouver Island. Without shying away from the reality, what they learn challenges audiences and recreationists to contemplate their own role in shaping the future of our environment. Official Selection 2024: Brest Surf Film Festival.