Beyond Begbie 1920 x 1080


Standing tall over the Revelstoke valley, Mount Begbie has inspired an entire community. It is iconicized in the logos and names of local businesses, featured heavily in artists’ works, and is photographed by every visiting tourist. Most importantly of all, it is explored by the outdoor enthusiast – no matter the season. Climbing Mt Begbie is a “right of passage” for every hiker, climber, sledder, and skier who chooses to make Revelstoke their home. While this peak has created an entire contemporary culture in Revelstoke, its name and story only represent colonial history, with no reference to the Indigenous heritage of this land. Is it the outdoor community’s responsibility to help change this?

Honourable Mention – Lookout Wild Film Festival 2024. Honourable Mention – Frontier Sapiens Film Festival 2023. Best Storytelling – iF3 Movie Awards 2022. Official Selections 2024: Backcountry Film Festival. Official Selections 2023: London Mountain Film Festival, No Man’s Land Film Festival, Wasatch Mountain Film Festival, Maine Outdoor Film Festival, Short Circuit Pacific Rim Film Festival. Official Selections 2022: BANFF, VIMFF, High Five Film Festival, Rossland Film Festival, Whistler Film Festival, International Festival of Winter Cinema.