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Beneath is a short film co-produced by Almo Film and the City of Cannes, written and directed by Morgan le Faucheur, with the collaboration of world champion freediver Guillaume Néry. The film reveals the Cannes underwater Eco-museum by Jason deCaires Taylor through the legendary tale of the Man in the Iron Mask, who was detained in the royal prison of the Island of Sainte-Marguerite in Cannes during the 17th century, and whose identity, still unknown, has fed the imagination of artists for more than three centuries. Best Sound – France Screenshort Film Festival 2022. Best Sci-Fi – Short to the Point 2022. Best Short Film – Dreamer’s Short Film Festival 2022. 1/2 Finalist – International Underwater Film Festival 2022. Winner – Nexgn International Film Festival 2022. Best Super Short – Best Short Fest 2022. Honorable Mentions 2022: Cinema Verde Environmental Film & Arts Festival, Soto Aqua Film Festival, CimaSub, Short Film Factory, Reale Film Festival, Monza Film Festival. Official Selections 2022: Indie Shorts Awards, Cannes Short Film Festival, CineMare International Ocean Film Festival, Neum Underwater Film Festival, Golden Short Film Festival, The Fantasy Film Festival, Short Stop International Film Festival, Bucarest Short Cut Cinefest, 5th Amazing Shorts and Movies, Nice International Film Festival, Ocean City Film Festival, Houston Underwater Film Festival.