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Bear Like / L’Ours en Moi

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Since his earliest childhood, Swiss director Roman Droux has been fascinated by bears and dreams of meeting them. Led by biologist David Bittner, he decides to go to Alaska during the summer months in search of this fabulous animal. The two adventurers will then discover a captivating world and enter the kingdom of bears, where nature knows no civilization. Surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, they witness the moving spectacle of a mother providing care for her baby and are privileged witnesses to fights between proud bears ready to do anything to win. Shot in a breathtakingly beautiful setting, this documentary is a real visual and sensory masterpiece to watch on the big screen with the whole family. Finalist – VIMFF 2020. Winner – New Yok International Film Awards 2020. Winner – NaturVision Film Festival 2020. Lauréat – FIFAD 2020. Best Score – PAMA 2020. Audience Award – Trento Film Festival 2020. Nominee – Green Screen Environmental Film Festival 2020. Honorable Mention – Bangkok International Documentary Awards 2020. Official Selections 2021: DocLands Documentary Film Festival, Mountainfilm. Official Selections 2020: BANFF, BBK Mendi Film Festival, NHdocs, DOK.fest, Kiev International Film Festival, Grand Teton Film Festival, Festival Film & Livre d’Aventure, Travel Film International Film Festival.