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Sydney’s Northern Beaches, from Manly to Palm Beach, one of the most iconic and stunning stretches of coastline on the planet. Post Covid, also one of the safest coastlines to explore on the planet. We join Lachlan Walmsley, Dive Instructor, as he explores the oceans off shore, through the eyes and narrative of its locals. Discovering the shear pleasures of diving below the surface. Meet every day people that have allowed the oceans to change their lives and discover the magic that they see on a regular basis. These are dive stories that highlight the simplicity of getting wet, of the astonishing natural beauty of nature so close to one of the world’s largest cities (Sydney) and how, this alone shapes their lives. Discover a new level of awareness and peace that benefits their work, family and interactions with others. How it shapes their view of the world and its future. In the end once people immerse themselves into these stories, they too will ignite the desire to explore what exists under the surface. Semi Finalist – Cannes World Film Festival Remember the Future 2022. Exceptional Merit – Nature Without Borders International Film Festival 2022. Best Documentary Feature – 8 & HalFilm Awards 2022. Winner – International Film Festival of Malacca 2022. Nominee – Cannes Shorts 2022. Winner – Ellora International Film Festival 2022. Winner – Pacific International Film Festival 2022. Silver Winner – Tokyo Film Awards 2022. Winner – Indo Thai Film Festival 2022. Winner & Honorable Mention – GGIFF 2022. Best Film – Ocean Beach Film Festival 2021. Official Selections 2022: Manila Independent Film Festival, Sweet Democracy Film Awards.