Adversity and the Art of Happiness



(Also available in 104 min) ‘Adversity and the Art of Happiness’ features 15 ordinary people who have faced adversity and the lessons they have learned. Listen to their fascinating stories and find out how their trials and tribulations made them stronger and even happier. You will feel inspired and touched by their lives and realize it is possible to change your own situation, adopt a more positive attitude and take responsibility for your circumstances. The documentary touches on a number of women’s issues such as domestic violence, workplace discrimination, single parenting, dealing with divorce and starting a business. There are number of LGBT members who talk about coming out as gay and accepting themselves, including a gay pastor, but also raising a child as a gay parent. Three participants have dealt with illnesses such as bipolar disorder, multiple sclerosis and ovarian cancer. Two women have dealt with divorce in their forties and several participants have gone through periods of addiction and abusing recreational drugs, prescription pills and alcohol. Shot in Houston, Chicago and the Canary Islands, Spain.