Without the Sea

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Without the Sea’ is a documentary about people who dedicated their lives to windsurfing. This is the first Czech documentary made in cooperation with the best Czech windsurfers – Tom “Tománo” Malina, Petr “Golfer” Kabát and Martin “Owes” Ovsík. Although the Czech Republic doesn’t have a sea or any perfect conditions for windsurfing, there are people for whom windsurfing became their life style and passion. They have been able to succeed in the sport on a global level. We decided to show their stories. When someone has a goal in life and is persistent, they will always find a way to reach it. ‘Without the Sea’ offers not only a great film with magnificent and unique shots of windsurfing from all around the world but it also introduces a group of people who can motivate younger generations. Dynamic fresh cuts with shots of beautiful places, adrenaline, hard work, disappointments and fulfilled dreams – all in one documentary. Filmed in the Canary Islands, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Netherlands, Spain and South Africa. ‘Adventure Water Sport Film’ Award International Festival of Outdoor Films 2014.