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Walking in Iceland

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Walking in Iceland is a solo walking trip in Iceland. Visit the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier, a surreal and incredible place with its canyons and ice caves. Unfortunately, global warming is having devastating effects on Icelandic glaciers and beyond. Walk with me to see the changes this glacier has had in just 6 months. Unfortunately, many parts of both the Ice Canyon and the Ice Cave filmed in this documentary no longer exist. Having experienced this loss firsthand, I hope to raise awareness for those who watch it. Best Short Documentary – New York Tri-State International Film Festival 2023. Honorable Mention – Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival 2023. Runner Up – San Francisco Arthouse Short Festival 2023. 3rd Place – Art Giraffe International Film Festival 2023. 5th Place – 8 & Halfilm Awards 2023.