Via Alpina – Beyond the Trail

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An adventure, an enquiry, an investigation, a quest? Matthieu, mountain leader, continues his trekking experience with the Via Alpina, an 8 countries-crossing of the Alps from Trieste to Monaco. One thing in mind: What influence does hiking in the mountains have on us? Between Matthieu’s personal journey and the testimonials of hikers met on the way, a whole new world is unveiled. Far from being just an outdoor activity in a dream-like scenery, trekking become an awareness tool driving us to rethink our way of living. Honorable Mention – Memorial Maria Luisa 2019. Environmental Feature Award – Mountain Film Festival 2019. Rising Star Award Winner – Canada International Film Festival 2019. Prix du Public – Morocco Adventure Film Festival 2018. Official Selections 2019: FIFAD, Russian Travel Film Festival, Festival Eldorando. Official Selections 2018: Festival RDV de l’Aventure, Festival Curieux Voyageurs, Festival Partances, Festival Rencontre au Bout du Monde, Festival Regards d’Altitude, Festival Regards de Voyages, Festival du Roc Castel, FICMUS, Festival Le Vénéon fait son Cinéma, What A Trip Festival, Milano Mountain Film Festival, International Festival of Mountain Films, Bansko Film Fest, Festival Quais du Départ, Festival du Film de Montagne de Cluses, Nuovi Mondi Film Festival, Festival Maurice L’Aventure, Festival Vertical Vertige, Poprad International Festival of Mountain Film. Official Selections 2017: Festival Globe Trotters, FIFAV, Champéry Film Festival.