Transcordilleras You Tube - 1


Transcordilleras is a gruelling 1035km (21,000m elevation) gravel bike race through the Andes of Colombia. The race has a non-stop version, but also an 8-day stage race which is the race Caroline and Mark competed at in 2024. With severe heat, high altitude, unforgiving terrain, and rough surfaces; this race had it all. But the pain and suffering was eclipsed by the warmth and hospitality of the Colombian people. They built lasting friendships, and never tired of the incredible views and raw beauty of the landscape. This is a race which has been built by a team who love to explore. Hear about how it grew from friends bikepacking together, and continues to grow internationally now as gravel enthusiasts seek adventures in this country where cycling is as much part of the culture as coffee. With a route that changes every year, always taking the competitors to different areas of the mountains, this is one that should be on every endurance adventurer’s bucket-list. This is the latest endurance adventure film from a couple who love to push their limits. With both of them agreeing this event is one of the hardest they have done so far, you will be completely absorbed in their suffering and perhaps even inspired to begin your own adventure.