Touché: A Blind Fencer’s Story is a documentary about a bright young woman who was diagnosed with a very rare disease that took her sight. After several surgeries and no change, she has come to accept the fact that she is now legally blind. Devastated, depressed, but determined to keep her independence, she learned the Olympic sport of fencing as part of her vision rehabilitation. A daunting sport for a sighted person, yet the abilities needed are extremely important to a person without sight. Fencing, a sport that requires thick protective jackets, masks, gloves and uses weapons of swords and blades became this young woman’s guardian angel. We share her story and others’ as they overcome obstacles, take on challenges of a life with impaired vision… a story of a blind fencer. Best Documentary Madrid International Film Festival 2014, Winner Best Documentary 2nd place Seattle True Independent Film Festival 2014, Winner Best Documentary Cine Golden Eagle Award 2013, Best Documentary Golden Reel Award Nevada Film Festival 2013.