The Last Wild Race



Every year for the past ten years, top athletes from around the world converge in Chilean Patagonia to test their physical and mental strength in an adventure race that pushes the limits of human endurance. The Last Wild Race documents the 2013 Patagonian Expedition Race as a worldwide cast of teams navigate 700+ kilometers of narrow fjords, imposing glaciers and unexplored landscape on foot, bike and kayak. During ten days of non-stop racing the stories of survival, endeavor, drama and success are awe-inspiring. The Last Wild Race stretches the limits of the human body. Half the teams usually drop out because of physical exertion, injury or just being unprepared for the grueling environment that is the Patagonian wilderness. The co-ed teams are given only 24 hours notice as to the actual race route so all their training has to encompass every situation that might come up. Every athlete is highly trained as they are literally putting their lives on the line; exposed to the elements, swimming across freezing rivers, trekking through dense forests, and crossing immense ice fields. There is little rest and food becomes a luxury. The mental and physical toll taken on these competitors is life changing. If it doesn’t break them, finishing The Last Wild Race is the only reward these hardened athletes receive.