The Kill 8

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The last Kill movie. Surfer Magazine called it amazing and a must-see. Pomer and Tom Curren went on a huge tour showing the movie while Curren played music live to the movie. Every show sold out. Dane Reynolds steals the show in The Kill. He combines carves and airs better than anyone in history. The surfing is shot beautifully with sunset backdrops and glassy walls. Danes surfing is always inspiring. Ratboy is still flying high in the air, although his surfing is now more based on power turns and driving through some hollow waves in Santa Cruz. Tom Curren, now almost fifty years old, shows no signs of slowing down. His layback carves and wrap arounds are still the smoothest in the sport. Bobby Martinez has shifted his surfing into overdrive. Each turn is as crisp as the morning light and as fast as lightning. Kelly Slater shows he has the moves and his section is smooth and easy. His carving at Rincon is more powerful that anyone. Highlights: Tom Curren, Dane Reynolds, and Bobby Martinez shine. Athletes: Dane Reynolds, Ratboy, Kelly Slater, Tom Curren, Bobby Martinez.