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French Polynesia has about a hundred guesthouses spread over its five archipelagos, accessible by the local airline Air Tahiti. They embody an authentic type of accommodation that allows the visitor to be in direct contact with Polynesian families, to share their daily life and their art of living. The experience is worth the detour, from Tahiti to Moorea, Bora Bora in the Raromatai islands, and also in the archipelagos of the Austral, Tuamotu and Marquesas Islands to discover Tahiti and its islands in a different way, far from the big hotels and the beaten track. This dream is now more affordable since the opening to competition of the international air market which allows to buy tickets to paradise at sometimes half the price of the previous ones. Far from the renowned tourist sites, these peninsula guesthouses are real havens of peace, some of which are very popular with surfers. This documentary offers a themed trip through the boarding houses which gives an original discovery of French Polynesia.