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Surfing and confinement in Basque country. This documentary shows how Covid has changed the world of surfing in 2020. It reveals the sense of injustice among all wave sports players, notes the heavy economic impacts, and reflects the negative effects of surfer abstinence over both lockdown periods. It also shows the inconsistency on the restrictions of medical care at sea. However, salutary behaviors emerge: a different vision of the coastal landscape, an awareness of respect for the environment, the learning of patience, resilience, and the discovery of daily happiness out of the water. Important personalities from the world of surfing, a doctor adept in surf therapy, a sociologist and many passionate surfers guide us in what will remain as a special moment in the history of surfing. With Joël de Rosnay, Zoé Grospiron, Peyo Lizarazu, Guillaume Barrucq, Mathieu Aguirre, Anne-Sophie Soyeux, Alain Minvielle and others. Official Selection 2022: International Surf Film Festival d’Anglet.