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Chad Campbell, an expert surfer discovers a mysterious surfboard on the big island of Hawaii. The retro board provides only a phone number and an email address as clues to its origin, leading Chad to accidentally uncover a central-coast California surf legend. The man they call, “Stoker”. Stoker Machine puts you in the ocean and shares a folklore, capturing the spirit of Stoke through surf cinematography and unique, colorful hand-drawn animation. Stoker Machine goes beyond the surface-level thrills of surfing. It attempts to capture the essence of Stoke. Discover the magical and sometimes funny relationship between surfer and surfboard. This short x8 award winning animated surf documentary is sure to warm your heart and leave you Stoked. Best Director & Best Cinematography & Best Sports Film – Cannes World Film Festival 2023. Winner – San Francisco Frozen Film Festival 2023. Award Winner – Cine Paris Film Festival 2023. Best Animation Film – Toronto Documentary Feature & Short Film Festival 2023. Honorable Mention – Dana Point Film Festival 2023. Winner – Toronto Beaches Film Festival 2023. Viewers Choice – Fla Surf Film fest 2023. Official Selections 2023: Hollywood Shorts Fest, Hawaii International Film Festival, Honolulu Surf Film Festival, Coast Film Festival, New Port Beach Film Festival, Maui Film Festival.