Stella Maris

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Stella Maris – Climbing the Waves immerses viewers in the world of a diverse 13-member sailing crew. Their unique backgrounds and personalities, a rich tapestry of stories. As the Stella Maris sails through competitive waters, the collective spirit of the crew shines. Vinni, balancing nursing and sailing; Pavle, the source of humor; August, steering and shining with a focus on joy; and Mika, navigating post-Olympic life. Each individual adds depth to the crew’s story without overshadowing the essence of the team. Local bands create distinct soundtracks that encapsulate the essence of each character. The film’s charm arises from the intertwined narratives of the crew, especially during challenges like the Middle Sea Race near Lampedusa. The film focuses not solely on racing but the moments in between: the laughter, banter, and collective spirit. Stella Maris – Climbing the Waves offers a unique view into competitive sailing, celebrating the journey as much as the destination.