Skye’s the Limit



The Isle of Skye sits off the West coast of Scotland and is renowned for its beauty and wildlife. It is also renowned for its wild seas, stormy weather and unforgiving tidal races. ‘Skye’s The Limit’ documents one woman’s solo circumnavigation of the Isle of Skye on stand up paddle board. In a bid to highlight that even these wild, remote and beautiful places are vulnerable to plastic pollution, Cal Major braves 200 miles of ripping tidal races, storms and waves to journey around the island, alone, to access even the most remote beaches. With over 100,000 sea mam-mals and over a million sea birds killed every year as a result of plastic pollution, ‘Skye’s The Limit’ demonstrates that even wild and seemingly untouched places like this aren’t safe against this threat, but how with simple changes we can all be a part of the solution. The tone is one of hope and positivity, not doom and gloom. John Muir Trust Wild Places Award – Fort William Mountain Festival Film 2018. Finalist – Paddling Film Festival 2018. Finalist – VIMFF 2018. People’s Choice Award – SheXtreme Film Festival 2017. Best Short Film – Killarney Mountain Festival. People’s Choice Award – Irish Adventure Festival. Official Selection 2017: Kendal Mountain Festival.