‘SACA – The story of Tiago Pires’ – Considered the greatest portuguese surfer of all time and one of the main responsibles for Europe’s positioning in the world of surfing, Tiago Pires, mostly known as “Saca”, has changed the history of this sport in his country. The story of Tiago Pires comes hand in hand with the explosion of the surfing phenomenon in Portugal. Portugal is, today, one of the countries with most expression in the world of international surfing events – although it is a small country, it has 15% of the World Surf League’s events, and has established a business model that WSL executives set as a reference in their trade operations. This film is set to be a documentary about the most delicate moment in an athlete’s career: The decision to stop his 20 years of professional career. The decision to stop travelling for 10 months in a row, non stop, searching for a dream. It also aims to document the new life of a successful professional surfer. What hapens after the world tour of surfing? The new discoveries, life with the family and the fascinating city of Lisbon. With testimonies from world champions such as Tom Carroll, Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, Sunny garcia, CJ Hobgood, Joel Parkinson and Adriano de Souza.