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“Pôle Espoir” reveals the extraordinary daily life of teenagers between the ages of 15 and 17 on the way to becoming the flagship of French surfing and bodyboarding. They dream of the Olympic Games as much as their next trip with friends. Immersed during several months in the Pôle Espoir of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Surf League, this documentary takes a close look at the intensity of the competitions, physical and mental preparation, while following these adolescents in their personal development. Coaches, sponsors, school teachers and family caccompany this gang of teenagers. We observe how they instil values ​​such as discipline, perseverance, social ties or even protection of the environment which is an inseparable element from their sport. A humane and athletic adventure, this film questions the construction of oneself during adolescence by constant personal surpassing. Official Selections 2020: Paris Surf & Skate Festival, Les Aventuriers de la Mer.